From idea to solution

From idea to solution

An introduction to design thinking, lean-startup and agile practices.

What you'll learn

Investing in innovation is key to keep customers satisfied and to stay ahead of competition. But how do you come up with great innovations? Or how do you move forward with a rough idea? How do you build a solution keeping in account an ever changing context? During this masterclass, we'll introduce you to some useful methodologies to evaluate & develop ideas into meaningful solutions. We'll teach you the most important principles and share our preferred tools & collaboration techniques. With case studies & exercises this workshop is both insightful and practical.

From idea to solution

Who is Craftworkz & Peel?

Peel is a service design agency. Peel helps you improve and innovate your services in a rapidly changing world, driven by your users, through user research, innovation consultancy, workshops, trainings & business analysis. Peel consultants are design thinkers and they will always aim to identify true opportunities and design human-centred solutions. Peel’s mission is to make sure your plans to improve and innovate your services are sustainable and pay off. They do this by balancing the needs of people, the possibilities afforded by technology and the requirements for business success throughout our service design track.

Craftworkz is a software company focusing on rapid prototyping and innovation. The journey from concept to market is typically a long road riddled with hidden obstacles and unforeseen turns. Building a prototype for your ideas can help smooth that path as well as present some other benefits, like early user testing and fast bottleneck detection. Craftworkz is expert in turning these concepts into real working software prototypes, with a focus on new technologies like AI, AR/VR, hybrid mobile technologies...

What we'll cover

Design thinking

  • What is Design Thinking
  • Why is it important
  • The double diamond process

Lean startup

  • What is the Lean startup approach
  • Lean vs. traditional startup approach
  • Validated learning

Agile development

  • What is Agile
  • Agile vs Waterfall
  • Scrum

Practical application

  • Case studies
  • Tools
  • Exercises


13h00 - 14h15

  • Understand the customer problem & Ideate with Design Thinking

14h15 - 15h15

  • Experiment & build the right thing with Lean Startup

15h15 - 16h30

  • Develop/Build the thing right with Agile Development

16h30 - 17h30

  • Questions & Drinks


Jenthe Van Gastel

Jenthe Van Gastel

Service Designer

Jenthe is an enthusiastic Service Designer who loves to investigate complex challenges and find the essence of them. Together with her empathic and curious mindset, she facilitates design processes in an interactive and fun way.

Pieter Portauw

Pieter Portauw

Technical Lead

Pieter is a lean, agile coding machine who has worked in agile environments for more than 10 years. He has experienced many of the pains and gains related to transforming teams into agile, self-organised squads as a scrum-master as well as a developer. Together with his love for technologies, innovation, people and teams he completed many beautiful projects.


Fri 11/10/2019

Cronos Leuven
Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven

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