Bert: a Kinepolis chatbot


A Facebook Messenger chatbot knowing all about movies, schedules, actors and directors

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Bert: a Kinepolis chatbot

Kinepolis is a Belgian cinema chain with theaters in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. We created a chatbot in Facebook Messenger that helps customer from Kinepolis finding the right movie, based on their preferences (like the genre, actors, director, movie theater), querying more info, the director, the actors, the length, the trailer... and check the schedule for each Kinepolis theater in Belgium. Furthermore, the chatbots redirects the customers to the Kinepolis ticketing system and integrates with Google Maps to find a nearby Kinepolis theater.

All information is fetched from the systems of Kinepolis. If users query information for movies that are not currently playing in a Kinepolis theater, it looks for those movies in other systems, like TMDB. The result is a chatbot that is capable of answering questions about more than 70.000 movies.

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