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Lincherie chatbot

A common problem for shopping for lingerie online is that bra sizes tend to differ for every brand. Women often don’t know which size to choose and have to order multiple sizes at once and try them out at home. Van de Velde developed an algorithm so women can measure their breasts and body at home and based on the results, the algorithm computes the perfect bra size for every one of their brands. This measurement process may seem somewhat awkward for some women. To make it feel more personal, a virtual assistant is developed in the form of a chatbot. Women can talk to the chatbot in natural language, as they would talk to a real personal assistant. The chatbot continuously analyses the input and alters the chatbot flow based on that input. You don’t have any privacy right now? The bot leads you to a questionnaire. You don’t really understand what you should do? The bots gives you more info. Eventually, you get the perfect bra size and some recommendations for bra’s based on your breast type. The feedback for the chatbot was great: 94% of the testers would recommend it to a friend.

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