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How can edge computing benefit a business?

In a nutshell? Security, latency, and speed. Read all of the benefits below.

Edge computing can give a lot of advantages to a business. It can speed up the business processes and reduce latency. Thanks to IoT computing devices the information that data collects doesn’t have to travel as far as it would under a traditional cloud architecture. Which results in faster business processes.

Security is another big benefit of edge computing. Traditional cloud computing architecture is inherently centralized, which makes it especially vulnerable for hackers. Edge computing distributes processing, storage, and applications across a wide range of devices and data centers, which makes it difficult for any single disruption to take down the entire network. Edge computing offers reliability as well. With IoT edge computing devices and edge data centers positioned closer to end-users, there is less chance of a network problem in a distant location affecting local customers.

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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven