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Transfer money via voice with KBC's Kate

We love accelerating digital transformation by creating technology experiences fast. Really, really fast. KBC needed a prototype to introduce Kate, their intelligent virtual assistant, so we got to work.

Consumers are rapidly changing their habits and raising their expectations. They expect fast, instant, simple, proactive, and personal digital services. Customer experience has been key in this digital age and has become a standard for the majority of businesses, which includes KBC.

Lifting customer experience to a higher level

KBC has been accelerating its digital transformation by taking enormous steps over the last couple of years. For instance, they are well-known for their state-of-the-art banking application, KBC Mobile.

To make that app even better, they introduced KBC’s digital assistant, Kate. For customers who prefer digital interactions, Kate will play an important part in providing proactive, timely, personalized, and relevant solutions in digital sales and consulting.

Our role in this project consisted of two phases. Firstly, we validated the idea and the technology to be used. Secondly, we started prototyping Kate on our Oswald platform, so KBC could show the assistant’s possibilities to their employees. Moreover, they used this prototype to showcase Kate at their ‘Differently: the next level’ press conference. Consequently, KBC’s team used our prototype as an example to further develop Kate.

Consumers can ask Kate questions regarding their basic financial transactions (money transfers, insurance claims, and so on). They are even able to do this by using voice recognition. Moreover, Kate will make proposals on how to save on energy or parking bills, which consumers are completely free to accept. Because of artificial intelligence, the virtual assistant will be even smarter over time. This fits in KBC's customer-centric strategy, as they aim to continuously improve the user's overall experience.

In general: Kate will make customers' lives easier, faster, and can even help save money. Want to improve your customer experience as well? Talk about the possibilities with Michiel, our chatbot expert:

Kate provides customers with unparalleled ease of use by simplifying several daily routines, and integrating seamlessly and smoothly into KBC’s mobile app, helping its customers save time and money.Johan Thijs, CEO, KBC Group

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