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A customer agent that is available 24/7? No human could go that long without sleep. A virtual assistant can. That’s why we developed a customer support chatbot for Partena Ziekenfonds.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are properly insured when you go on vacation? Where you can find your children's files? And what if you forget your password? Partena Ziekenfonds’ virtual assistant has the answer. And even better: the chatbot can not only answer these questions but also engage in a conversation.

Adapt, expand, follow up.

Since the launch, we saw a prominent fall in our incoming mails!Steve De Veirman, Digital Transformation Manager

For Partena Ziekenfonds, it was of the utmost importance that human customer service agents could adjust the chatbot when necessary and manage everything themselves. Our Oswald platform was the answer. Now, they can adapt, expand and follow up their chatbot anytime.

Adjustments can be made daily, customer support agents simply have to add new conversational flows. This way, the chatbot learns every day and the question-answer ratio remains up-to-date. Approximately 80% of questions can be answered by the chatbot, and if the bot doesn’t have an answer, there is a human takeover function. This means that the customer can start a live session with one of the customer service employees.

From the start of the chatbot launch, they are already seeing a prominent fall in the number of emails, incoming phone calls, and physical visits in their offices.

“The bot has had 70,000 calls in six months, with our employees taking over only 2,500 calls. In other words, on average there are 4,000 chat conversations per month that the chatbot takes over from our contact center.”

Do you want to discover the possibility of integrating a chatbot in your customer support flow? Schedule a meeting with our chatbot expert, Michiel, here:

The chatbot was not built 'stand alone' and we did not have to start from scratch in our online strategy. This also ensures that the answers are very good in terms of quality. Oswald is the only solution that allowed this.Steve De Veirman, Digital Transformation Manager, Partena

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