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Veepee, the market leader in online flash sales, has 7000 partner brands and as a result, they can offer countless products on sale every day. To find their desired product faster, users can now use Sophie, their virtual shopping assistant.

You probably know this, but finding white sneakers online is practically impossible. There are simply too many good choices. Finding white sneakers that are on sale, however, can simplify that decision. Unless there are too many good deals… That’s exactly what Veepee (formerly was struggling with. It was too hard for customers to find their perfect product, whether they were looking for shoes, clothing, or other merchandise.

Can you help me find white sneakers, Sophie?

The chatbot already increases the user-friendliness of the website.Stefan Venken, CMO, Veepee Northern Europe

To be able to find those perfect sneakers, we came up with a solution: Sophie, a virtual shop assistant. We developed the chatbot on our Oswald platform, keeping in mind that customers have to be able to quickly and easily search for products that are in Veepee’s current supply. Customers can start a chat session on their app, on the website, or Facebook Messenger.

The customer can now easily tell Sophie what they are looking for, for example, those white sneakers or a black pair of jeans. The chatbot then shows the products that are most relevant to the customer. These products are updated very often, as every night, the new flash sales are synchronized with the Oswald platform. Popularity data is also often updated. As a result, your favorite brands’ new releases will be shown quickly in the chat session.

The new chatbot is currently being tested in the first phase on the Belgian (Dutch version) website. In the future, Veepee is considering integrating payment options with the chat software or making personalized product suggestions based on customers’ questions. This will be done if the proof-of-value pilot phase is evaluated positively by their customers. As e-commerce is a booming business, we’re convinced that virtual shop assistants will be used more often and should be integrated into your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Interested in implementing a shopbot in your business? Discover our chatbot platform, Oswald, here:

Veepee is the first online pure player in our country that uses a chatbot to help customers with their purchase search.Stefan Venken, CMO, Veepee Northern Europe

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