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When we talk about distributed technologies, we are referring to a model in which components of a software system are shared among multiple computers. More simply put, it means multiple computer systems are working on a simple problem, but they run as one system. At Raccoons, we are experts in distributed technologies such as Blockchain and Solid.

The power of distribution

There can be many reasons to distribute a service over multiple computer systems, sometimes even owned by multiple organizations. The most obvious reason is to distribute computing power. However, sometimes, you need to distribute a service because you don’t want a central party managing the service, the transactions, or the data. In this case, we’re talking about distributed technologies like blockchain or personal data vaults, respectively distributing trust and data.

The core idea behind, on the one hand, personal data vaults is to decouple application services from the data they provide and consume. These services read data from and write data to one or multiple personal data vaults. The owner of the personal data vault — a natural person, a company, an organization, or even a government — can choose which services can read from and write to the personal data vault. These technologies are specifically interesting because they implicitly enforce GDPR laws.

Blockchain, on the other hand, is a technology that distributes trust among multiple entities. Both public (e.g. Bitcoin) and private blockchains have many possible use cases where the entities in the network can work together, without having to lie their trust in one central party.

At Raccoons, we are experts with blockchain technologies like Hyperledger and Ethereum and with sir Tim Berners Lee’s personal data vault standard, called Solid. We can help you discover the possibilities of these technologies and implement them in your business. Just schedule a meeting with Michiel, our expert:

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Discover if we will store our own data in the future by downloading our insight report on the Solid project. It's free.

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