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Edge computing, unlocked

In the coming years, edge computing will play a crucial role in moving data away from the cloud. As rapidly increasing amounts of to-be-processed data are driving network capabilities to the impossible, processing them on the edge offers a solution.

Why? Edge computing only sends essential results, without the need to transfer all of the raw data. In other words, this kind of technology makes sure that only the relevant data is processed within the network, ultimately reducing latency issues.

At Raccoons, we provide hardware development as a service for edge computing applications. By moving artificial intelligence from the cloud to the edge, we shorten response times, increase performance and reduce privacy risks.

For instance, in the case of smart cities, there has been an increasing interest in intelligent algorithms. These can monitor objects and situations based on raw data of cameras, microphones, and all types of sensors. However, the question of preserving privacy, lowering network costs, and keeping existing sensor infrastructure seems to be tough to answer.

With edge computing, these questions are eliminated. Want to see if edge computing could offer a smart solution for your business? Meet up with Nick, our edge computing expert:

Edge computing has the potential to dramatically alter the manner in which information is made and processed.

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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven