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We build powerful virtual assistants

At Raccoons, we have all the tools in-house to build intelligent chatbots and voice bots that can scale your business. With our very own chatbot platform, we can offer custom-made qualitative virtual assistants.

Redefined conversations

We live in an increasingly fast-paced world. As a result, communication has been redefined in the last decades. We expect to be answered quickly. Really quickly. Instant messaging has become the norm, whether it takes place via text, iMessage, Whatsapp, Messenger or other communication platforms. In this shift, virtual assistants definitely have left their marks.

At Raccoons, we believe that automating parts of your conversational flow can transform your business. The aim of these virtual assistants is to bring value to your business by automating frequently asked questions, yet maintaining a personal experience for your customers. This way, they get the right answers extremely quickly, 24/7.

On the one hand, we offer a proven approach by analyzing, designing, implementing, and maintaining chatbots, specifically tailored to your business. On the other hand, we offer all the tools you need to build a chatbot by yourself with our Oswald chatbot platform.

Even though there has been a shift to instant communication forms such as texting, the use of voice-driven apps has not disappeared completely. With the latest text-to-speech technology and the rise of voice assistants, voice has become hot, and even omnipresent. "Hey Siri, set a timer" has become standard sentence. We can provide a fully integrated conversational flow, including voice applications.

Want to discuss the possibilities? Meet with Michiel, our chatbot expert:

Together, we can take your conversational applications to the next level. Whether you want to improve customer support, extend your sales channels or enhance lead generation.

Custom-made virtual assistants

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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven