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Call for Founders

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At Raccoons, we chase our curiosities, build what’s next and advance human potential. We lead and explore new ways of thinking about how modern technologies and services can be used to craft innovative experiences and products.

By being at the forefront of new technologies and talking to industry leaders about problems they’re facing, we are uniquely positioned to identify product opportunities. Over the last 1,5 years, we’ve been working hard on bootstrapping our intelligent document processing platform which we’ve named “”. At this moment, we have a validated product-market fit, existing customers which we’ve turned into ambassadors, and a starting team to accelerate it from here.

Today we're looking for founders to join us and launch on an international scale. We have a product which is being used by leading companies such as TVH, Ravago, Van Marcke… Besides a working and validated platform, we also have an amazing advisory board in place to help you at each phase.

What is

80% of all company data is stored in an unstructured way and can’t easily be interpreted by a machine. An immense popular term used to solve this problem is “Intelligent document processing” (IDP). An IDP tool uses artificial intelligence to “learn” how documents should be analyzed and acts accordingly. The IDP market is growing exponentially and loads of IDP tools are popping up.

With we have a working and validated IDP platform and the time has come to scale this into an international product company:

  • Our current product has been built together with leading companies in BENELUX to make sure it’s exactly what the market is looking for

  • We have an industry focus where no other platforms are focussing on due to the complexity of the AI capabilities

  • Our AI research and development team have created intelligent models that enable to address the complex IDP use-cases of our customers

  • takes a modular approach which allows us to be integrated into other enterprise components

We would love to share more insights on Get in touch with us if you want to learn more.

Your foundations

We bootstrapped by building it together with leading companies in Belgium. Now we are ready to scale it to the next level. By joining our product team as an additional founder, we expect:

  • Ambition to bring a new product on the market and turn it into a cutting-edge, fast-growing company.
  • Vision and the ability to communicate it to future team members, investors, and anyone you meet.
  • Product sense to deliver first-in-class experiences through cutting-edge software solutions.
  • Industry or technical expertise and the desire to reinvent your entire sector through technology.

What we bring to the table

Resources. We kickstart your company by bringing you everything you need: best-in-class expertise, technical team, financial resources, an amazing advisory board

Unfair advantages. We increase your chance of success with our extensive experience and vast network. First of all, we can leverage the Cronos ecosystem, have people in place to help with marketing, finance… and have access to a commercial network of C-level executives of leading companies in the BENELUX

Freedom. We let you dream bigger. The funding and expertise we provide will enable you to go further and faster.


As a founder of this product company, you’ll be playing a crucial role. We want this to be YOUR company. The benefits are in line with what you expect from a founding role from extensive resources to equity.

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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven