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Doccy, an AI-powered virtual assistant

Imagine that your client base skyrockets and suddenly, you hit more than 2 million users. Of course, this goes hand in hand with questions. A lot of questions. High time for some artificial intelligence and chatbot magic. Meet Doccy, Doccle's chatbot.

Doccle, Belgium’s largest and fastest-growing digital administration platform, recognized that it was time to take the next step in providing the best customer experience. As the company reaches a quarter of Belgian households, which are approximately 2 million users, they have to cope with an enormous load of questions, invoices, and documents every day. Music to our ears!

A powerful virtual assistant with a lot of potential

In time, we want to ensure that Doccle can manage everyone’s administration fully automatically.Bram Lerouge, CEO, Doccle

The first step in this project was identifying the growing pains Doccle was feeling as a result of their exponential growth. In a strategy workshop, we identified the main issue: as Doccle had to cope with an enormous amount of questions from their ever-expanding customer base, a virtual assistant, or chatbot, was needed to lighten the team’s workload.

Together, we started building the chatbot on our Oswald platform. Soon, the virtual assistant, eventually named Doccy, was ready to go: with its 24/7 availability, the assistant started providing answers to frequently asked questions. We tailored the chatbot exactly to the audience’s needs, with questions ranging from “How do I create an account?” to “How do I add a company?”. Forgot your password? No problem. Doccy has your back.

Moreover, the chatbot is more efficient than a traditional FAQ webpage as it interacts with users and can interpret their questions. By using artificial intelligence, Doccy will even get smarter over time, as the chatbot encounters more questions and conversations. Moreover, with our human takeover function, the customer agents can fill in when necessary.  As this is only the first step in Doccle’s route to innovation with AI, we believe that other artificial intelligence solutions can fit perfectly into this story.

Are you in need of some conversational magic yourself? Discover our chatbot platform, Oswald.

The power of a digital administration lies in its 24/7 availability. With this virtual assistant, we guarantee that our users always get a quick answer to their questions, even outside office hours. The ultimate goal is that Doccle will eventually be able to manage everyone's administration fully automatically. That is why we continue to invest in innovation and AI, with this chatbot as the first step.Bram Lerouge, CEO, Doccle

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