At the core of Raccoons

At Raccoons, our mission is to empower businesses to unlock their full potential and thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Our mission

Raccoons is a diverse ecosystem of experts with a focus on seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence at the core of every organization, both technically and strategically.

We empower businesses to unlock their full potential and thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world. We do this by walking on the frontline through thought leadership, building custom AI projects, developing innovative solutions, and outsourcing our top-tier talent.


With our experience, we can help you find your way through the complex innovation funnel and guide you to what's possible.


We engineer a full innovation package that scales to your business needs by putting together a multidisciplinary team.


After delivering your product or experience, the work doesn’t stop. We make sure your application is ready to scale.

We love almost nothing more than delivering a solution that is actually used and valued by our clients. There is only thing we love even more: actually growing your solution, making it even more valuable and engrained into your processes so it can keep delivering long-term results.

We imagine how technology could fit within your business, indicate how you can improve customer experience, devise innovation concepts, and define a strategic digital roadmap. At the end of a strategy track, we can turn your ideas into a valid technology-oriented business strategy.

To craft innovative experiences and products that fit your needs, we bring together the right people with the right expertise to design fitting concepts. Whether you're interested in virtual assistants, generative AI, or traditional artificial intelligence, we will make sure to design an innovative solution that fits your needs.

We are technology enthousiasts

The driving force behind Raccoons is undoubtedly our employees and their dedication to evolve together with the technology landscape. Our teams dive deep into upcoming technologies as our company structure enables us to permanently monitor the technological landscape. We take time to experiment with, research, and develop cutting-edge technology. In addition to project work, we also help you reach your goal by outsourcing our talent.

Our origin story

We go all the way back to 2016, when our founders, Sam Hendrickx and Michiel Vandendriessche - lifelong friends - decided to start up an innovative prototyping company.

The rest is history. Almost a decade later, the two have gained loads of experience and maybe even more importantly, a talented team that surrounds them. We went from a prototyping way of working to AI-dedicated custom project building. Our organization had to scale with the increasing popularity of the technology, and we’re still learning every day. Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do we.

Thought leadership

Always ahead of the pack

We value our knowledge and love to share it. As our team tries to stay up-to-date with the newest evolutions in the technology landscape (which is moving at an unprecedented pace), knowledge sharing comes naturally. We decided to share our knowledge externally as well, so our clients don’t have to worry about staying ahead of the pack.

We provide topical whitepapers, record our podcast Radio Raccoons every two weeks, and organize a quarterly edition of The Bar. Moreover, our tech evangelists - also known as keynote speakers - are always ready to provide your organization with an inspiration session.

What we think

Radio Raccoons

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