At Raccoons, artificial intelligence leads the way. We believe we can help our clients grow by implementing solutions powered by AI. Discover our domains of expertise.

Our tech stack

Discover our domains of expertise

Generative AI

Unleashing creative potential with AI

Generative AI mimics the human capacity to create, design, and conceive new ideas. From art to music, it can craft unique content, but it can even go further. For businesses, we believe implementing generative AI can give you the competitive edge needed.

Technology exploration

Image generation

Voice cloning


Music generation


Predictive analytics

Driving decisions with data

Leverage our Predictive Analytics to forecast trends, user behavior, and market dynamics. Our data-driven insights equip you with foresight to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Predictive maintenance

Recommendation systems

Fraud detection


Full-stack development

Crafting end-to-end software solutions

Our comprehensive Full-Stack Development services cover all aspects of digital product creation. From ideation to launch, we build responsive, efficient, and scalable applications tailored to meet your business needs.



Platform development

App development


Computer vision

Insight through sight with computer vision

With our expertise in Computer Vision, we transform visual content into actionable insights, streamlining processes such as quality checks, inventory management, and customer engagement through real-time image analysis.

Image classification

Facial recognition

Object detection


Intelligent document processing

Automating data extraction and analysis

Streamline your data management with our Intelligent Document Processing services. By automating routine data handling, we help you focus on strategy and innovation, reducing manual errors and enhancing efficiency.

Intelligent document processing



Natural language processing

Refining communication with AI

Our NLP solutions enhance human-machine interactions. By deploying virtual assistants, we automate and improve customer service, enabling your business to scale support and deepen customer insights.



Sentiment analysis


Work with us

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