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Ethias: #FailBetter

It’s time to learn from our mistakes. It’s time to #FailBetter. Discover our very first project with generative AI.

It’s time to learn from our mistakes. It’s time to #FailBetter. That’s the idea of Ethias’ new campaign in collaboration with Springbok. The campaign inspires young adults to view their mistakes as stepping stones toward personal growth and maturity. nocomputer’s task at hand? Creating the innovative factor in this campaign: an AI-driven, interactive mobile experience. A crucial component of this project was generative artificial intelligence, more specifically Midjourney's text and image-to-image capabilities, marking one of the first interactive implementations of this technology globally.

From kitchen fires to car crashes

The reasoning behind the #FailBetter campaign resonates with the age-old wisdom that making mistakes is not only unavoidable, but an essential part of personal growth. As the saying goes, fall down seven times, stand up eight. Cliché as it may sound, it’s this spirit that this campaign aspires to convey.

"The insurance sector often treats the inexperience of young people with skepticism. Ethias wants to encourage young people to take new steps at their own pace... And if something doesn't go as planned, Ethias is there for them. Because making mistakes is human," says Vincent Pécasse, head of marketing at Ethias. "It's just part of trying new things. It helps you grow in life."


The main challenge for us at nocomputer was to develop an AI-based tool that would allow users to simulate real-life situations virtually, from kitchen fires to car crashes. Our objective was to build a tool that was intuitive, smartphone-friendly, and capable of generating simulations based on user inputs. To tackle this, we decided to leverage the power of generative AI, more specifically Midjourney’s image-to-image capabilities. The outcome was the AI-ccident tool, a pioneering, BeReal-style accident simulator.

The AI-ccident tool gives you four options: a car crash, travel accident, medical accident, or a kitchen fire. When you pick an option, the tool enables you to take a picture of yourself using your front camera and a snapshot of your environment using the back camera. Each accident scenario, be it a kitchen fire or car crash, generates a unique result, as the images are transmitted through Midjourney with the appropriate prompts. The result is a simulated image of a potential accident in your own kitchen.

Want to experience this state-of-the-art AI-ciddent simulator? Learn to embrace failure at and remember—while life may be riddled with mistakes, each misstep is an opportunity for growth.

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