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Volvo HR90: so intelligent it can do its own job interviews

A car packed with intelligent algorithms, speech recognition, personality analyzers, and clever little tests performs a job interview from the future.

The war for talent is a common phenomenon in many industries. How can you stand out? At the Brussels car conference (Autosalon) in January 2018, Volvo wanted Belgium to know that they’re hiring car engineers for their factory in Ghent. Together with our friends of FamousGrey and NoComputer, we transformed the new Volvo S90 into a professional recruiter. The Volvo HR90: a car packed with intelligence to create a recruitment experience for the future.

Volvo HR90

Together with FamousGrey and Nocomputer, we turned the new Volvo S90 (early 2018) into Volvo's brand new intelligent HR manager. Meet the new Volvo HR90!

The Volvo HR90 uses technologies like speech to text, text to speech, pedestrian recognition, smile detection, chatbot technology, and personality analyzers to interview potential new employees with a fun and innovative experience. For every component we chose a dedicated technology that fit our needs, combining existing technologies, like IBM Watson, with custom-built AI models and of course, our Oswald chatbot platform.

The Volvo HR90 was part of the car conference 'Autosalon 2018' in Brussels, where the car could handle Dutch, French, and English job interviews. The HR90 was the eye-catcher of the Autosalon 2018, doing over 200 job interviews with visitors and potentials!

As a result, Volvo received 300% more price requests in comparison to the year before, 6 million people were reached just through PR, and to top this all off, FamousGrey won several awards. 26 to be exact.

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The Volvo HR90 is a car packed with intelligence to create a recruitment experience from the future.

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