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Raccoons is your trusted partner in building future-forward digital products and platforms using new advanced technologies. We imagine, design and engineer tangible assets at high speed.

We build and nurture reusable, custom-made assets for high-velocity development. These assets consist of software, hardware, data, or personnel resources that enable us to reimagine, tweak, repurpose, or combine proven technological concepts for new, unproven use cases. Discover our existing products: Oswald,, and Telly.

Oswald, our chatbot platform

We can help you build your perfect digital assistant with our Oswald chatbot platform. We believe that our well-defined approach leads to more qualitative chatbots, thus a higher return on investment.

Whether you're thinking about a chatbot in customer support, sales, or lead generation, our general approach ensures the best results possible. Over the years, we've extended our platform in such a way that is tailored to your needs and, most importantly, the needs of your clients.

Oswald, our intelligent document processing platform

In the last couple of decades, we've gained access to incredible technologies and still, we are processing the majority of our documents by hand. Processing these emails, PDFs, and paper documents is extremely time-consuming and repetitive. We thought it was time to put an end to this problem for once and for all, so we started building is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate repetitive tasks. Reducing repetitive tasks is crucial not only to increase employee satisfaction but also to save time and costs. Do you want to start focusing on added value, too?

Telly, our crowd management solution

Telly is our local AI solution, designed to provide a reinvented store experience. It helps you turn in-store customer behavior into actionable insights to drive more sales and a smooth retail experience. Essentially, we provide an all-in-one platform that retailers can rely on.

We use edge computing and AI to efficiently count visitors, and can top this off with conversational apps that inform visitors about the real-time activity. The beauty of this solution is that it ensures privacy as it processes data locally, instead of uploading data to the cloud.


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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven