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Dating has not been easy the last few months. We are all locked up in our homes, which means the only opportunity to meet someone has been restricted to virtual options. At Craftworkz, we have been thinking about taking online dating to the next level. A few ideas were spilled, but one that stood out to us was being able to search for a potential partner via Augmented Reality.

This is where ‘Otter’ is born.


How does it work?

When you log in to the app for the first time, you will have to give a little bit of information about yourself. Besides providing a name, age, photo, description, ... you will also have to make a full body 3D scan. This scan will be a representation of how every other user will see you when using the AR functions of the app.

When you complete your profile, you are all set to start swiping. The app uses a toggle, so you will be able to switch between the AR view and the regular view. When using AR, a person you can like (or not like) will appear on your screen as a 3D model. In addition, you will see all relevant info about that person (interests, name, age, ...). When you decide to swipe right and you both like each other, you’ve got yourself a match! You can start chatting to try and score a date. If you don’t like each other, they will leave your screen for good and the next person will appear.

Match made in AR

When you’ve been lucky enough to match with someone you like, you obviously start talking to each other. You can also talk to each other using the AR options. When choosing this option, you will see the 3D model of the person you matched with on your screen. In addition, in case you receive or send a message, you will see text bubbles floating around in the environment.

After talking for some time, it is likely that you will want to meet up (providing there is no total lockdown). Well, the app has a built-in feature that enables you to send an invite to the other person to go on a date. This invite will contain the necessary info like date, time and location. If the date or time you picked isn’t doable for the other person, they will have the option to reschedule. When the invite is accepted, the date will appear in the app and you can unlock the info you need to prepare for your date, or rearrange plans if something came up.


Origin of Otter

You might be wondering why this app is called Otter. Well, as you might know, humans aren’t the only creatures capable of love. There are a few animals that when they find each other, stay together for their whole lives. One of those animals are otters.  What made these animals stand out to me, is their sleeping ritual. Otters sleep on rivers and before going to sleep, they take each others’ paws. This way, they don’t lose each other during the night. To me, this is a beautiful phenomenon and definitely name- and logo-worthy.

At this time, Otter is not available in the App Store, as it is an internship initiative fueled by Craftworkz. Craftworkz is a start-up that builds cutting edge prototypes, powered by technologies like AR and VR. Interested about other cases that actually are rolled out today? Contact us!

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