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Digitizing subsidies at Sint-Niklaas

The city of Sint-Niklaas has decided to work on digitizing its grants and subsidies to improve its services for its citizens and businesses. The old system of paper applications, processing, and verification was extremely time-consuming, making the subsidy granting process lengthy and intrusive. Digitizing the system with LB365 offers a more efficient and accurate way to process grants and subsidies.


With LB365, applicants can easily and quickly apply online, speeding up the processing of the applications. The system is also built with automation in mind, making the process of verification and evaluation of the applications easier and faster. Furthermore, automation reduces human error, leading to better accuracy of processing.

Subsidy request

For instance, when an applicant submits an application, this person will automatically receive e-mails throughout the process. These e-mails keep the applicants informed of the status of their application or tell them to take extra actions such as submitting extra supporting documents.

In addition, applicants will also have access to a digital overview where all their applications are listed: the “E-loket" of Sint-Niklaas. In this digital overview, the applicant can quickly consult the necessary information. For example, they can see what status of the application and who the person handling it is.


An efficient collaboration

Sint-Niklaas has decided to collaborate with Cronos Public Services and Raccoons to guide and guarantee the digitization process. Cronos Public Services specializes in digital solutions for government organizations, and we are experts in automation and digitization. Together we offer a complete solution for managing grants and subsidies, enabling Sint-Niklaas to provide fast and efficient services.

The platform

The benefits of digitizing subsidies

Digitizing grants and subsidies with LB365 offers many benefits for Sint-Niklaas, its citizens, and businesses. The subsidy granting process becomes faster and more efficient, improving the services provided to the citizens and businesses in the city. Furthermore, the system saves time and costs, meaning that Sint-Niklaas can allocate these resources to other projects and initiatives that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the city.

In conclusion, digitizing grants and subsidies with LB365 offers Sint-Niklaas a more efficient and accurate way to process them, leading to better services for its citizens and businesses. Read more about the project here.

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