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Event: Passion for AI and Big Data

Daphné Vermeiren

A passion for AI and Big Data, that's what everyone in the audience shared on the evening of 10/5. Emilie Nenquin (VRT) and Nele Gerrits (VITO) inspired us with different AI use cases in our headquarters. Afterward, Clusity organized a warm networking session. Thanks to Clusity for organizing a successful event. Below you will find a summary and links to the presentations and photos. 👇🏼

Passion for AI & big data photo
Clusity x Brainjar event


In the first keynote, Emilie introduced us to the world of media. Media consumption is changing radically. At VRT, they have shifted into digital gear. They invest more in mobile media, working more personalized and on-demand. VRT media users can consume content when they want it and whenever they ask for it. This requires a digital transformation and an evolution towards a more data-driven culture. Emilie explained what this means for VRT, how they are taking steps in this direction, which AI use cases are involved in this change, and where some big challenges still lie...

Afterward, Nele gave an overview of the current challenges to deploying AI more reliably in clinical practice. Today, it is not easy to integrate AI models into a clinical workflow. This is partly due to low trust in artificial intelligence, as there are some examples of AI not performing optimally and reporting wrong diagnoses. In her research at VITO, Nele is looking at how we can better estimate the accuracy of AI in clinical practice and how we can detect misdiagnoses by AI at an early stage.

On the website of our partner Clusity, you can find all pictures and presentations.

Passion for AI & big data
Clusity x Brainjar event

Thanks for all attendees for joining us this evening. Can’t wait to fuel your passion for artificial intelligence even more? Join us for our ‘AI in industry’ session on June 9th. You can register here (for free). See you then!

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Daphné Vermeiren

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