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Oswald’s 2020 feature wrap-up

Michiel Vandendriessche

2020: a year with a lot of challenges (a global pandemic aside), but also final breakthroughs and solutions. We are ready for 2021, but before we dive in a new chapter... Let’s see what happened in 2020 and what’s coming up in 2021.

Ready, Set, Oswald!

2020 passed and a lot of new features were introduced. By handling our feature roll-out process in a quicker and more efficient way, we were able to release a lot of nifty features this year. A quick overview on the most important things we have worked on:

A new statistics page, tailored to your needs 📊

Besides the general statistics to measure the performance of Oswald, it’s now also possible to integrate your own parameters to measure the effectiveness of (Oswald in) your organisation! What are you waiting for?

Our new custom graph interface @ Oswald

“Oops, I did it again!” That’s history! 📜

We know this problem all too well. We messed around where we shouldn’t have, and made an ‘oopsie’. It can be helpful to check what you did and why it happened, right? Oswald has got you covered! Every ‘oopsie’ is logged and can be reversed by putting back the previous version, so don’t worry if you’re stuck, you can always go back and try again! Experiment away and never give up. 💪

Did I miss something? That slot looks filled?

It looks like, sometimes, crucial info is missing in a bot... A scenario that happens way too often, even in 2020. Let’s fix that! You can let Oswald can recognize gaps of information and simply ask to your users for some help. Want to more on how to do it? You can always check our guide.

Slot filling

Your consumer journey, finally visualized! (beta)

We already touched on custom graphs based on your own parameters, which is quite handy. However, we also built a consumer journey visualization in Oswald, so you can see how you users are using your chatbot and maybe adapt your chatbot based on its dominant use. Again, this provides more information about the consumers and the path to satisfaction.

Customer journey

Multilingual? No problem! (beta)

Hello, hallo, bonjour, Guten Tag... No problem, pas de problème, for Oswald! Organizations in Belgium are expected to communicate with their clients and users in at least one of these four languages - depending on which part of the country they are targeting, of course. As a result of language choices, multilingual communication can be found in their website, blogs, social posts, email marketing, ... The list is endless.

So, what if your company decides to communicate in English, French and Dutch? And your chatbot only speaks English? Well, we have a solution for you... Oswald just took some language courses and became multilingual! ✅ You can read more about this in our previous blog post, if you’re interested.

Coming up in 2021

Transactional bots with integrated payment solutions 💰

Successful brands are focusing on experience throughout the whole customer journey, including the payment step. We think a true payment experience can only be strengthened by payment integration. We’re working on integrating payment systems in our chatbot platform and hopefully, we can release this feature soon.

Setting up payments in your chatbot isn’t just about building out or integrating with a sophisticated, secure online payment system, although your choice of payment system certainly is important. It’s about creating a great experience. That’s what we’re aiming for at Oswald!

Pay@bot, Worldline 2020


Hyperpersonalisation is a truly double-edged sword. When it is done right, it can improve loyalty, boost engagement and increase revenues. However, in order for brands to better understand you, they need more of your personal data. With such a broad range of data, it’s a major challenge to unify, organise, and make sense of it all. That’s where chatbots enter the stage. They can apprehend and get new data of the user, to give a personalized response in return, which again enhances the experience of the user.

Personal Digital Twin

A Personal Digital has awareness of activities and behavior of customers inside stores is crucial to enable store-owners improve the shopping experience and revenue of their stores. There is no better way to gain this awareness than to use real-time and granular data from IoT sensors, which can help to identify products. We are working on integrating Telly with our Oswald chatbot platform, to improve the customer journey and align offline and online experiences seamlessly.

Edge-AI counting device Telly in the field

Getting started

Hyped? Want to take a look at our chatbot platform? Not to worry! You can schedule a demo here or send us a tweet. See you later!

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Michiel Vandendriessche

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