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Quickly and efficiently boosting the visibility of Aviapartner’s job opportunities

Daphné Vermeiren

Showing the true power of no-code in Webflow

“We need something to make our jobs more visible and attractive. Oh, and by the way, we need it fast.”

Aviapartner was in dire need to make their job opportunities at Brussels Airport more attractive as they wanted to take on a bunch of new employees at short notice. There’s no better way to do that than by launching a brand new website. A Webflow site, preferably.

Our role in this project was to create a microsite. On this site, potential new employees of Aviapartner could find all useful and necessary information about the company and the jobs they offer.

The development of the website consisted of two major parts. First of all, the actual building of this job site - duh - and secondly, project management. Managing this project mainly consisted of communicating with the client and keeping track of time and budget. Of course, we did not just casually do this. We made use of some tools - again, duh! - that we find extremely handy to successfully bring the project to a good end.

Managing time and space

No-code website development: Webflow

If you tell us ‘we need it fast’, no-code tools come to our minds immediately. Being realistic, building something completely from scratch - especially a website - simply goes a lot faster when building it without any code.

So, to develop this website, we opted for Webflow. Webflow is a no-code tool that allows you to build any kind of website by using the full power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a visual canvas. Without any knowledge of the coding languages we have just mentioned, you can build a visually beautiful and functionally working website in a short period of time.

For this project, Webflow was the ideal tool to quickly and iteratively show progress to the client, who in turn could provide targeted feedback. With this feedback, we could build a site tailored perfectly to their needs.

Project management

For the project management part, we used the tool ClickUp. We at TPO Agency are huge fans of this application. We use it for all the projects we are involved in. Simply put, we think it is the best tool for project and program management. In addition, managing sales, CRM, marketing, design, and documentation is possible within this software tool. In the Aviapartner project, we have used ClickUp primarily for three things: meeting notes, tracking project progress, and delivery of all content for the site by the client.

For a smooth delivery of the content, we created some document templates in ClickUp. This way, the client could easily paste their copy, images, and even testimonial videos, so our developers could effortlessly place them into Webflow.

The results 🎉

The new Aviapartner jobsite went live only one month after the introductory meeting (check it out here). After successfully delivering the website, Aviapartner could get to the exciting part of the project: interviewing new candidates. As for us: we are excited that we delivered another no-code project! We look forward to working with Webflow and other similar tools more frequently.

For anyone who would like some more information or who would love to turn their ideas into reality: we are happy to help.

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Daphné Vermeiren

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