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Stop repeating yourself with Klassif.ai

Deevid De Meyer

Always start with the story, so all your stakeholders know what is ahead of them, in front of them, and in a matter of time, behind them. So, here our story goes.

Have you ever asked yourself how much documents are costing your organization?

Before you start saying  ‘my company has gone digital years ago!’, know that we’re not just talking about paper documents (though those are definitely part of the problem), but documents in the broadest sense of the word: e-mails, pdf files, word documents, contact forms, invoices, bills, ... and the list goes on!

Many thought “going digital” was going to be the final solution in efficient data management, and that might have been true in the early 00’s. However, any scaling organization knows that managing growing digital dataflows can be a huge pain and, moreover, an ever-increasing drain on your most valuable resources: your people!

Brainjar created a terrific software tool to tackle these challenges, which they’ve named Klassif.ai. This platform helps you intelligently process all types of documents. Moreover, TPO Agency plays a guiding role in the development process of Klassif.ai. In this blog, we tell you more about the product and how we’re co-creating the next big thing.

Intelligent Document Processing

After having discovered some of most clients’ true pains, Brainjar went to work and started creating Klassif.ai, from the ground up. Klassif.ai had to become a standalone product, easy to deploy, easy to customize and definitely easy to use.

Klassif.ai wants to help you save time and frustration, by doing some of the tedious work for you. For example... Have you ever had to copy the entries of one document into another software, for days on end, without feeling any joy while doing this? Well, a lot of people have. And this is probably the reason why the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 27-30%.

Processing documents requires lots of brainpower, which is why humans mostly still do it, even though the repetitive nature makes it feel beneath us. This level of intelligence has mostly been out of reach for our computers, even after the AI-hype of the last few years. However, things have changed in the past few months! Language processing AI’s have improved leaps and bounds thanks to some newly developed algorithms.

Klassif.ai platform
Klassif.ai in action

So, where does TPO Agency come in?

From now on, Klassif.ai has been cut loose. TPO Agency’s role in this process has mostly been what we do best. As product owners, we guide Brainjar in their development process. We co-created and coordinated the project to the point of official release. This means Brainjar’s dedicated team of developers are very eager to show you what we’ve been working on the past few months. You can visit the Klassif.ai website for a sneak peek...

And the journey doesn’t stop here! After having gained feedback from several clients, we are ready to push Klassif.ai to the next level with new features, a better UI and UX based on user behavior, so we can help speed up the manual processing of certain documents, when automation hasn’t yet taken over. And oh boy, has it done that already for a large percentage of incoming documents.

Want to tag along on this ride? Feel free to invite us for a coffee 🗣

Written by

Deevid De Meyer

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