Spontaneous application


Spontaneous application

Imagine. You went through our website, gasped at every case we have already done, and got inspired to do the work we do on a daily basis. You have decided you want to give it a shot and try to join our team. However, there isn't a vacancy that's up to your alley or you have other talents than we haven't mentioned on our career page already. What you could do, in this instance, is trying to convince us that you would be a great addition to our team. Let's hear your story.

Your foundations

  • You marvel at the idea of working with the newest technologies
  • You're passionate about your job
  • You consider yourself as someone who's always ready to discover new methodologies and technologies
  • You're always looking to improve yourself and the company you work for
  • You have a start-up mentality

What's in it for you

  • Innovative startup environment
  • Competitive salary with extra benefits (extra-legal pension, medical insurance, ...)
  • Company car with fuel card
  • Laptop (Apple or Dell, your choice)
  • A highly motivated team
  • Easily reachable office (close to E40)
  • Cool office with snacks and beverages
  • Trainings & Team events

Join our team

Or send your motivation and resume to apply@raccoons.be.

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Who we are

Raccoons is defined by talented people who can grow, think, dream, build and create.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Sharing a proper culture is the most important thing in any organization. It can be an amazing accelerator or a blocker. We think it's extremely important to improve our culture, and we are all dedicated to working toward the same goal. It's hard to put our culture into words, but we tried. Check out our culture book and maybe, you'll get the vibe straight away.

Download culture book

Ask us anything

Got a question?

How does your hiring process work?


Everything starts with your application, of course! If you see an open position that seems like a match made in heaven, send us your resume. We'll review it and reach out to you to plan a introductory meeting if it seems like a match (on paper). If that first meeting goes well, we'll plan a technical test (if necessary) and an interview with some people on the team. This way, we'll know for sure if you'll fit in. If all goes well, we'll give you an offer you hopefully can't refuse.

Are you remote-friendly?


Yes! We value a hybrid work environment, which means you can work at home, at our offices, or in your favorite coffee shop. You decide where you want to work, but we do love it when our team comes together on our weekly "team days" (two times per week). We promise, you'll love it too.

What are your values?


Curiosity, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and inclusivity are the things we value most at Raccoons. We get energized when exploring new technologies, when people get behind the wheel and take action, and when the whole team works together to get the best results possible.

Is it all work at Raccoons, or also play?


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and "being dull" is the last thing we want to be. So, of course, we make time to have fun and strengthen our team atmosphere in teambuilding and afterwork activities. Each month, we have a drink 'n sync where our team comes together for some drinks and to catch up; we regularly have diverse teambuildings; and each year, we go on an amazing teamweekend (video proof above!).