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Welcome TheLedger: new kids on the block(chain)!

Today, we are proud to introduce a new, sixth company in the Raccoons group: TheLedger: providing blockchain services in Belgium and the Netherlands

Written by
Michiel Vandendriessche
Founder Raccoons

Until today, Raccoons consisted of five ventures:

  • Craftworkz (prototyping)
  • Oswald (chatbots)
  • Brainjar (AI & machine learning)
  • Wheelhouse (JavaScript/Elastic consultancy)
  • QNTM (Quantum Computing)

Today we are proud to welcome a new, sixth venture to the Raccoons group: TheLedger!


TheLedger was founded in the summer of 2016 with one specific focus: blockchain technology. Today, TheLedger consists of eight blockchain experts and enthusiasts! Furthermore, TheLedger has built a very impressive blockchain brand in the Belgian and Dutch market with a large customer base and a some spectacular blockchain projects. Since blockchain was not a part of our expertise, it's a great complement for the Raccoons group. That is why we're very happy and proud to start this interesting collaboration (think about the possibilities of combining for example blockchain and AI 😏)!

TheLedger blockchain specialists: team photo


TheLedger offers many services for different companies with an interest in/need for blockchain technology.


TheLedger offers advanced developer trainings, as well as C-level trainings to ensure all parts of the organisation understand the full potential of blockchain technology.


With a clear business case, you are set to define the right solution. TheLedger helps you in finding the right business case with a series of workshops and sessions, using design-thinking methodologies.


From concept to finished product, TheLedger has loads of experience with building scalable and secure software which can easily integrate with your existing environment using many different blockchain technologies.

Written by
Michiel Vandendriessche
Founder Raccoons

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