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We humanize, not digitize

Raccoons is a diverse ecosystem of thinkers, doers, and techies, continually reimagining what’s possible to make a difference in people’s lives today and tomorrow. Want to know more about us?

The world of technology is constantly changing. Every day, new technologies are invented and new buzzwords arise. Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, LLMs, chatbots, blockchain, Internet of Things, quantum computing, edge computing, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, extended reality… We think you get the gist. At Raccoons, we guide. Imagine. Design. Engineer.

We imagine

Anyone would be completely overwhelmed with the abundance of existing technologies and the possibilities that come with them. Which technologies should be embraced, which should be ignored and which should be put in the fridge until they mature?

At Raccoons, our internal research teams dive into upcoming technologies. Our company structure enables us to permanently monitor the technological landscape. We take time to experiment with, research, and develop new technologies.

In doing so, we understand tomorrow’s tech. Our mission is to help organizations create a new technology-supported world we all want to live in. With our experience, we can help you find your way through this complex innovation funnel and guide you to what's possible.

We imagine how technology could fit within your business, indicate how you can improve customer experience, devise innovation concepts, and define a strategic digital roadmap. At the end of this track, we can turn your ideas into a valid technology-oriented business strategy.

Technology exploration
Service design
Product design
Strategic roadmaps

We design

To craft innovative experiences and products that fit your needs, we bring together the right people with the right expertise to design fitting concepts. Whether you're interested in virtual assistants, edge computing, or artificial intelligence, we will make sure to design an innovative solution that fits your needs.

We co-create innovative experiences by organizing design sprints. This way, we stimulate our innovation funnel and go from ideation to a validated prototype in just one week. With our agile methodology, we can go from zero to 100 quickly, making sure we can answer your questions and pivot when necessary.

Using behavioral research methods, we accelerate our problem-solving sprint to get started with designing, wireframing, and prototyping. The result? A minimum viable product that will blow your mind.

Oh, and most importantly: the mind of your users, too. In the end, that is what matters. Our proven approach makes sure that our solutions are tailored to your users' needs.

Behavioral research
Design sprints
Technical validation
Rapid prototyping
MVP development
User testing

We engineer

We go further than just prototyping a technology experience. We engineer a full innovation package that scales to your business needs. By putting together our multidisciplinary and agile teams, we provide a sweet mix of front and back-end developers, service designers, product owners, and strategists.

We develop solutions with the newest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, quantum and edge computing, blockchain, and immersive technology. The list goes on. As new technologies keep arising, we expand our knowledge and expertise so we can keep reimagining what's possible.

In addition to building custom solutions, we build software and hardware as a service. In the past, we've developed an intelligent document processing platform,, and a chatbot platform, Oswald. What's next?

Together, we will imagine, design, and engineer. Essentially, we prefer to combine these technologies so we can ship an all-embracing experience. Combining all of our expertise often leads to the strongest experiences. Essentially, this is where the magic happens.

Go-to-market strategy

We help organizations create a new technology-supported world we all want to live in.

Our future-forward cases

Our latest insights

Building digital experiences requires a lot of knowledge gathering. We're happy to share our insights with you.

Radio Raccoons

In our podcast, Radio Raccoons, we invite interesting guests who talk about their views on technology. Together, we look back at the past and imagine the future.


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80 min

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address. Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4, 3001 Leuven